Here is all you need to know about what happens when your Audi car lease ends!

By Audi Lauzon
Published on 01/31/2022
A guide to what comes after the end of your Audi car lease with Audi Lauzon

One thing is for sure: getting behind the wheel of an Audi is always a very unique experience. That’s why many want to purchase their own Audi. Others prefer long-term leases, with the many advantages that come wit the opportunity of changing vehicles regularly. Perhaps this is the case for you? However, if that’s something you’d like, at the end of your long-term car lease, before taking the wheel of your new vehicle, you will have to return your current Audi.

When returning a leased vehicle, it is important to be well prepared, so that everything can go smoothly. Audi Lauzon, your Audi dealership in Laval, helps you prepare for this crucial step so that the transition is done seamlessly and becomes nothing more than a formality. Read on to find out more!

What are the important steps to take before returning your leased car?

The time has come for you to return a leased car? Are you getting excited at the idea of getting at the wheel of a new vehicle? We understand! However, before you select your new car, one last step must not be overlooked: preparing your leased Audi before you return it to Audi Lauzon! For this step to go as smoothly as possible, we strongly recommend that you read and understand all the necessary procedures that should be followed prior to returning your leased vehicle, and take note of what is covered in your contract.

Firstly, you should know that in the few days prior, an appraisal firm will complete a lease-end inspection on your car. At the end of this inspection, you will get a report that states all damages that go beyond and above regular wear and tear, as well as the additional fees Audi Finance will claim, should you decide to return your vehicle as is.

What follows the return of your leased car will depend on if you had added extra warranties or not:

  • If you had chosen the excessive wear and tear warranty:
    • Once inspection of damages is completed, admissible costs related to excess wear and tear will be deducted from the bill.
    • To find out what is covered, please refer to your contract and related information regarding excess wear and tear.
  • If you had opted for the cosmetic warranty:
    • If all repairs on your Audi were made at an Audi Lauzon service department for the entirety of your leasing contract so that your vehicle would maintain its original aspect, but that some cosmetic repairs still need to be done, we highly suggest that you complete these a few months before the end of your contract so as to simplify the return process of your vehicle.
  • If you do not have any additional warranties on your lease:
    • You must have your Audi inspected before returning it to Audi Lauzon, so that additional fees can be properly evaluated, should any damages be found that are not included as regular Audi wear and tear.
    • So that this step may become a simple formality, we recommend you have your vehicle inspected a minimum of 1 month before the end of your leasing contract. This will also allow you to be made aware of extra costs, if there are any.

What you must have with you on the day you return your leased Audi vehicle

Do not forget that all original accessories that were given to you when you received your vehicle (at the start of your contract) must all be returned –without exception- at the end of the lease, on the very day your bring your car back.

This includes:

  • Original carpets.
  • User manuals.
  • Both keys.
  • Cargo cover.

When returning your Audi, you should also make sure to have the following with you:

  • Current and valid registration documents for your car.
  • The proper tires (according to the current season) should be properly installed on your Audi on the day you return your car. Take note that winter tires are accepted from December 1st to March 15th included.

If you had given a security deposit, you will be reimbursed by Audi Finance in the weeks following the return of your leased Audi. If you have moved or changed address during your lease, make sure that Audi has your current address.

Special cases: What happens when you return a leased car before the end of the contract?

Are you finally ready to return your leased car? Sometimes, and for many drivers, something occurs that triggers the need to return a leased Audi before the end of the leasing agreement. This type of situation happens much more frequently than one might think (ex.: the family is getting bigger which means a roomier vehicle is needed, or a change of job or position requires a new vehicle that will be used for lengthier drives, etc.).

In this case, contrary to what is mentioned above as to what to expect when returning your Audi at the end of a leasing agreement, you will have the possibility of having your vehicle inspected directly by Audi Lauzon. This inspection will be done by the used vehicle department. It will also depend on how much mileage your Audi has and what type of added equipment was included. Obviously, when compared to another vehicle with equivalent mileage, the more equipment your Audi has, the higher the value upon return. Our specialist will also evaluate how much is left to be paid on your leasing agreement, between now and the end of the contract.

If your Audi is worth more than what is left to pay, the difference will be yours, and you can eventually use this amount towards your next vehicle. If, on the contrary, your vehicle is worth less that what you owe from now to the end of your contract, and if you choose to lease another vehicle with Audi Lauzon, the difference will be added to your bill.

Returning your car before the end of your lease can seem very technical and even intimidating. However, no need to worry: your Audi Lauzon specialist will take care of everything for you! The only thing they will need is your VIN number, which will give them access to all necessary information related to your vehicle.

When your leased vehicle is returned before the end of the contract, the same conditions apply as those mentioned above: on the day you bring your Audi back to the dealership, you must have all of the original accessories that were given to you with the car (original carpets, user manuals, both keys and cargo cover). You must also have all current and valid documents for your vehicle.

Do you still have questions regarding the return of your Audi or in relation to your leasing agreement? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts at Audi Lauzon, your Audi dealership in Laval, on the North Shore of Montreal and the greater Montreal area! We will be glad to answer all of your questions and ensure that returning your vehicle becomes a smooth and seamless experience!

We will also tell you all about monthly promotions and Audi leasing and financing programs that will allow you to leave at the wheel of YOUR VERY OWN future Audi. We have even written a blog on how to better understand Audi trim packages. We also invite you to find out more about our quattro all-wheel drive technology, and what makes it so innovative. We are looking forward to seeing you in dealership, on the North Shore of Montreal!

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